Eating from a place of Self-Care: Freedom from Emotional Eating, Binge Eating & Restricting using Neuroscience, Mind-Body Therapies, Psychology, and Nutrition

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Does any of this apply to you?


  • You are/were a picky eater.

  • You are a perfectionist.

  • You eat in secrecy or hide food.

  • You’ve been told that your weight is a problem (too much or too little).

  • You binge and then feel remorse.

  • You count calories.

  • You’ve tried many different diets but could never stick to any.

  • You are afraid of certain foods.

  • You wish you could eat freely like your friends.

Forget the word “diet”.

Eating is not just about food.

  • It’s about memories and childhood.
  • It’s about social connection.
  • It’s about heritage and culture.
  • It’s about politics.
  • It’s about personality.
  • It’s about comfort and feelings of safety.
  • It’s about nourishment and satiety.



This is what eating is not about.


Eating should not be about:

  • Rules

  • Guilt

  • Shame

  • Stigma

  • Restriction

Trust the science. 


There are way too many people out there making all sorts of claims regarding food and dieting. It’s hard to cut through the noise and figure out whom to trust and what to follow. I know because I spent so much time in those rabbit holes too. That’s what I got trained as a practitioner using a scientifically developed program, and combined evidence-based knowledge from different fields to support you in many different bases.



Emotions manifest in the body. That’s why when addressing emotional eating, it is crucial to include embodiment techniques. We will find the best strategies that work for you, combining yoga therapy, breath work and mindfulness.

Nervous System

The nervous system can amplify and prolong both positive and negative experiences. We will regulate your nervous system through a combination of mindfulness, restorative yoga, visualization techniques, and even art and music therapy.

Nutrition & Intuitive Eating

Nutrition does not mean diet. Finding a new intuitive approach to enjoy food without labeling it, while also considering the health aspects and honoring your appetite and pleasure is what is at the heart of healing a disordered relationship with food.

Why choose me?


I was a very picky eater growing up. My body shape didn’t fit the stereotypes of my local culture, and I was bullied. I started finding problems with all parts of myself, I didn’t like anything about the way I looked. And then I developed all sorts of toxic thinking around food. I thought I knew everything about healthy eating, I read all labels, and at the same time I was eating lots of highly processed food while being misled about their health benefits. My health was suffering for years. I only pooped twice a week and thought it was completely normal, can you imagine that?

There are 3 in 4 people suffering from some sort of disordered eating, i.e., their relationship with food is somehow affected. It’s crazy to think about that. So chances are, you might be one of them. Good news are that this relationship can be restored, starting with your mind and your lifestyle. But those changes in mindset and behavior require a long-term individualized approach. My thera-coaching program does exactly that.

I am a board-certified health and wellness coach and Lifestyle Medicine professional, with a Master’s degree in Psychological Medicine and Mental Health. I’m also a registered yoga teacher and a mindfulness practitioner, as well as a nutrition specialist. After seeing many clients struggling with disordered eating and the diet culture, I decided to train to become an emotional and binge eating specialist. So now I combine the knowledge from all those fields into this program. I’m a former scientist, and I take science very seriously. I only work with evidence-based approaches, and I am constantly updated on the latest findings.

I’ve come a long way in healing my body image issues. I would love to be able to help you do the same.


Ready to work with me?


At the end of the tunnel of a healthy relationship with food there is FREEDOM. It will change your life and your relationships, including the one with yourself.

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