Most people are struggling with their health even though they have in themselves the resources to change how they feel.

Have radical trust in your inner capacity for healing. ♥


What brought you here?

Gut or GI Issues

IBS, heartburn, gas, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea are all signs of an imbalanced gut, and can affect your quality of life. Let’s fix that.

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Chronic Pain

Living with pain can affect so many aspects of life. It's time to get your life back by trying a different approach that improves more than just your pain.

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Stress & Burnout

Chronic stress can cause inflammation and exacerbate many diseases. Let’s bring your nervous system back into balance.

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I am a Health Professional

Let's alleviate suffering together. Whether you are a coach, an MD, or an allied health professional, I have curated powerful resources for those interested in integrative approaches for treating chronic conditions.

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Are you a health professional?

Learn more about how we can work together to improve people's lives.

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Our Integrative Approach

Our practice combines lifestyle medicine, psychology, nutrition, and mind-body therapies to tackle your wellness from many aspects, from mental to physical health.

We help people like you to take your health and healing into your own hands. We’ll show you how to be more in touch with your body and your thoughts, fill your plate with smart choices instead of your filling your body with pills, and find a lifestyle that is sustainable and allows you to live longer and happier.

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I'm Dr. Elaine Barretto


I'm a scientist-turned-health educator and the founder of mind∙body∙food∙pain. My personal experience of going through burnout and having spent most of my life suffering from chronic pain, IBS, and other syndromes, combined with my passion for contributing to the healing of others, led me to switch my journey from working for companies in the biomedical field to directly working with patients and professionals using a more integrative approach.

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Does your pain come from a sensitized nervous system?


Learning more about your pain is the first step to your healing.


"I have worked with Elaine for almost two years now, and I couldn't be happier. Elaine is a great professional who helped me to know that there aren't good or bad foods, she showed me how to enjoy eating after many years with restrictive diets, and the most important thing for me in our therapy sessions was to find the origins of my IBS: emotions. Understanding my emotions and taking control of them made me be myself again. I learnt to meditate with her, and that made me feel balance and inner peace. Together with emotions and learning how to have stress under control, I could find out what foods were damaging my gut. We followed a very short elimination diet and after two months I was eating everything again, no symptoms at all! Thanks to Elaine, I have learnt how important it is to be surrounded by people we love, how we can enjoy cooking and eating nutrient dense food, how important it is to rest and also to do sports that we like. Elaine is patient, she has a great ability to listen and to understand. I have never felt lonely in my health journey and I will never have enough words to thank her for how she has saved me."

- Isabel Sevilla, Translator & Interpreter

"I really love Elaine's coaching style. She has the exceptional ability to create a non-judgemental space and put her clients at ease, so I found it very easy to share my well-being concerns. She seamlessly draws from her experience and really helped me to gain clarity on my goals, while bringing fresh insight on where to focus my efforts for enhanced well-being."

- Jessica Villalobos, MBA

"I’ve known Elaine and have had the opportunity to work with her for a long while now. I can honestly say that Elaine is one of the most caring, passionate, energetic, positive, wise person I know. Her love for helping others goes beyond most. Her own personal story only made her even more empathetic and more passionate about helping others in the most nurturing, compassionate and supportive way. Working with Elaine you know she has your back and will do whatever she can to make sure you improve and get the results you are after. She is such a joy to be around. If you’re reading this, I cannot recommend Elaine enough. She will help you heal in more ways than one, and you’ll only wonder why you didn’t say yes to yourself sooner."

- Isabel Valle, Executive & Leadership Coach

Healing begins in the mind.

And on the plate.


But it doesn't stop there. The effects trickle down the whole body, and can even revert chronic conditions. Our courses, therapies and coaching programs use the latest evidence in nutrition, psychology, lifestyle medicine and mind-body therapies (including mindfulness and yoga) to empower you to take care of your own health, from all aspects.